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While Chad and I are away wandering the streets of Brussels, London, Paris and beyond, I gathered some of my favorite bloggers and asked them to write a guest post/love letter to their favorite place on earth. These ladies are graciously babysitting my blog while I'm eating macaroons and taking postcard-worthy pictures of the Eiffel Tower + Big Ben. Thank you for reading and I'll see you when we get back!

xo -- Amanda

Eyes Forward

Dear Kathmandu,

There I was, facing a milestone birthday in Delhi, a world away from my friends and family. Getting away from the miserable monsoon heat of India seemed like a good idea. With little money and only a long weekend available for travel you seemed like a good option. I thought spending my 35th birthday in Kathmandu sounded just adventurous enough to be memorable, and you did not let me down.

Street Market

I fell in love with you from the minute I arrived. Everyone I met was gracious, helpful and smiling. You were exotic, chaotic and full of color. Everywhere I looked I saw something new and fascinating. I loved your old temples, the Newari windows, the pashminas, the rugs, the art and especially the food.

Store Fronts

I fell so deeply in love I visited 2 more times that year and each trip was better than the last as I discovered  more of your beauty.  I met amazing people, thanks to my stays at the most perfect hotel, whose clientele seems to be made up of people who have the kind of travel stories I only dream of having one day. As much as I enjoyed walking through the streets and visiting the temples during the day, I loved the evenings sitting in the courtyard and having amazing conversations with the other guests, who may have been strangers, but felt like old friends. I can't imagine a more perfect location for a solo traveler.

Golden Budah

Reminders of my visits fill my home, the hand carved window screen greets visitors at my front door. Paintings by Nepalese artist decorate my walls and bring images of your streets and people to my mind.  Your scarves and pashminas keep me warm in the winter and your beautiful rugs brighten my floors.  Everywhere I look, I see touches of your color in my home.

Street Life
Thanks for the amazing memories and helping me celebrate two birthdays. I hope I get to return someday because I know my life is richer for having spent time in your land and with your people.

Lyrical Journey

Stupa Prayer Flags


Diana Joy said...

Your pictures are beautiful as is your letter. Looks like an amazing place to be.

Lesley said...

Wonderful images, full of colour! they really give a sense of the place.

Cat said...

Looks like a magical place where memories where made that you will treasure always.

♥ Cat brideblu

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Looks like it was a fabulous adventure :)

bethany said...

Oh, Jamie...your pictures are always so beautiful. It's never a place I'd even have thought to travel to, and yet you've totally drawn me in! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful letter, beautiful photos. Kathmandu is definitely one of the top places on my wish list.

lisa said...

Jamie, this looks like an amazing place. One can feel and see your love for it in your words and photographs. So nicely done!


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