my bags are not packed, but I'm ready to go...

I should have my bag packed. I should already have those darn cardigans washed. I should have my to-do list wiped clean and be satisfied and ready. I should spend the night going through the travel books highlighting the places of interest and learning a few more French phrases. But I'm not.  Instead I dyed my hair darker and painted my toenails cherry red last night. Instead I am spending my precious 35 minute break writing this post. Instead I'm soaking up the last day of the job before our vacation with my children (who love looking at our world map and pointing out where Miss Amanda's going to go). Instead I'm going to dinner with two fabulous + lovely girlfriends who will make me stress-free + help me giggle my stress away. Instead I'll be packing tonight into the late night with Chad and Cheers on Netflix.  Call me a procrastinator if you'd like...but it's how I roll. And that works for me :)

// An annoucement: Since I'll be gone for two weeks, and I would like you to stop by and visit my blog while I'm gone, I have some guest bloggers coming by and keeping watch over my blog. While my in-laws are picking up my mail and watering my plants, twelve ladies will be blogging on here. The theme of these guest posts will be: a traveler's love letter.  And after reading through all of them, I must say -- you are in for a treat! Get ready to travel around the world (first post goes up tomorrow!)

Au revoir, my beautiful friends!!


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Bon voyage, Amanda! I hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy every single second of your time in Europe... it's so amazing.

I sent you that photo from the computer here where we're staying. Hope you got it okay!

Happy Travels...

Oh, My Darling said...

Hope you have a fantastic trip filled with happy adventures!


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