in disbelief.

The past several weeks when doing errands or just simply hanging around our living room, Chad and I have thought "at this time in Europe we'll be (here)" or "we'll be doing (this)". It really hasn't 'hit' either of us that we'll be sitting there, looking at the above monuments, taking our own pictures after one short week. (No more typing into Google 'Eiffel Tower' and copying + pasting the picture into a post, we'll get to take our own pictures.)

What we do know is that every time we talk about getting the chance to visit international cities in the next two weeks, we always recognize how lucky + blessed we are. It's easy for us to be excited (duh) but it's more difficult for us to remember that God is the one who provided us the funds + time in order to spend two remarkable weeks abroad.

We've been talking about when our trip will really hit us. When we'll really feel like "yeah, we are going to Paris and we are going to actually be standing there staring at the Mona Lisa". Could be saying good-bye to his parents on Saturday afternoon, could be sitting in our terminal in the middle of our pre-flight beer. Could be waiting in line at Heathrow for customs .... who knows. All I know is that right now, as the countdown is getting shorter, we are still in disbelief that we. are. going.

Will it ever truly hit us?


Meri said...

It'll hit you when you're there! Don't forget to enjoy the moment :)

Megan said...

I am so excited for you!!

Jamie said...

I hope every single moment is magical!

bethany said...

I think SO much of the fun is the anticipation...waiting for that moment where it totally hits you that, "OH MY GOSH. We're going there!!!"

I also totally love the moments after you leave, when you see a photo or something on TV and you can squeal, "I'VE BEEN THERE!"

I truly think that anticipation and nostalgia are what make trips magical. At least for me! :)

Megan and Justin said...

oh my goodness! I am slightly obsessed with Europe! and it probably won't hit you until you get back haha have SO much fun :)


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