30th anniversary party // the people

When you are throwing a party, the most rewarding thing that you can do is look around mid-shindig and see the smiles + hear the swell conversation. You walk around cleaning the plates, refilling the drinks, making small talk, and snapping some pics of all their happy faces. For some reason, this was my favorite party. The attendees for my parents' party ranged from their brothers + sisters, nieces + nephews, mom + dad, kids, grandkids, and friends old and new.
Eli on the left and UJ on the right, both playing some croquet. (UJ loved playing with the 'hemmer'). 

My Grandma with my niece, Z (isn't this is sweetest?!).

We had a hammock out in the backyard for relaxing. Clearly, Chad is taking advantage of the break between fruit skewer and chicken salad duty.

One thing that I love about having a niece is that now I have someone in my life who wears headbands on a regular basis. 

My favorite ladies: Laura, Rachel (our adopted sister), my Mom (super pretty, right?!) and Z.

I spy a cute little grumper-pants in this family....

This is what I meant before -- seeing people have a fun time at the party you are hosting is the best. I loved seeing all their happy faces!

Not as much as I liked seeing their happy faces. I love this picture of my parents laughing that Chad took from right behind a tree.

It might have to compete for top billing of the night with this other picture that Chad took of my grandparents (who have been married 57 years) leaving their son's 30th wedding anniversary holding hands. I mean, does love get any better than this? In 57 years, I hope Chad and I are still holding hands and walking home from a family party, as blissfully in love as we are now.


Laura said...

LOVE this post, sis. Such great pictures and wonderful sentiments.

LizzieBeth said...

I love everything about this. Many happy wishes to your parents!



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