12 on the 12th. (july).

01. Just finished Bossypants. And recommend it to any 30 Rock, SNL, new mother, comic fan on the planet. (I'm looking at you, sister...)
02. We are 12 days away from Europe Adventure! (How fitting that it's the 12th!) :) Chad has been working tirelessly trying to get all the arrangements figured out.
03. Zara baby + her chubby chin. She is now 3 months old! Can't believe the only pictures that I have posted on this blog were from the day she was born -- must remedy that soon.
04. Old pictures of my parents. I wish I would have known my dad when he was 23. Didn't he look groovy? (I felt the need to say "groovy" right then...don't judge.) :)
05. We are learning all about Paris (well, as much as possible from a travel book).
06. Found a new home for my paper lanterns I made.
07. Being at the new job for a whole month! Definitely the most rewarding + challenging job I have ever had.
08. Learning the ropes of our new Canon SLR. Thank you pinterest for linking some posts full of tips.
09. Hard-boiled eggs. Organic popcorn. Cheese wedges. (Just a few of our latest snacks).
10. Summer = staying up late and spending more time outside. We like.
11. I caught my first fish ever on Sunday! Will post a picture so my bro-in-law can be proud.
12. Just saw back to school commercial yesterday. boo. not yet. Off to enjoy the sunlight!


*claire* said...

i love these lists! i know you will have an amazing trip!!! how exciting!

and i've been thinking about you and how your new job has been going - glad to hear you like it, even if it is challenging! (better to be challenged than bored, always) :)

those lanterns look good in their new home

Laura said...

Check, check, check and check. I'm putting Bossypants on my list.

Christen said...

I just finished Bossypants!! Love it!

Just have to say, your blog is one of my favorites! I may have to steal your photo clothesline idea for a party I'm throwing later this summer!

Vanessa said...

I have Bossypants on my "to-Read" list because all I hear is great things about it!

I was in Michael's this past weekend and they had Halloween decorations! Halloween! I am just not ready to let go of summer yet, it just started!

Hannah said...

That one picture make Zara look like the chubbiest baby ever! And one of the cutest =)


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