28 facts about the birthday boy.

My husband, Chad, ten years ago on his 18th birthday!

01. He loves to cook. (He is especially fond of cooking meat. Which is good, because I completely fail at cooking meat--mine always comes out dry or undercooked. He is able to get any piece of chicken, turkey, fish, or beef well-seasoned and perfectly moist.
02. He gets excited about new things on the web, all thanks to his Twitter feed. Without him, I wouldn't know about Rebecca Black.
03. He knows every fact about the NFL without looking it up. What college Reggie Bush went to? (Knows it.) How many touchdowns Aaron Rodgers threw last season? (Knows it.)
04. He looks good in his glasses...while I look like I'm not even trying when I wear my glasses.
05. He takes his wedding ring off right before bed and puts it on his nightstand.
06. He's the one in our house who drinks his coffee black and his orange juice pulpy.
07. His work day isn't over until his socks come off. (To him, it is the greatest feeling after a nine hour shift.)
08. He loves planning trips. Our European adventure would not happen if it was up to me to plan it. But he loves figuring out which hostels are close to the British Museum or Buckingham Palace.
09. He is Karma's papa. Karma will leap off the couch (while she's sitting next to me, thank you very much), run to the door, and meow until he opens it. Every. single. day.
10. He knows if Paul or John is singing the Beatles song we are listening to. When we drive home from church, our favorite game to play is "Guess the Beatle" (I always lose).
11. He never forgets to read our devotion before we go to bed.
12. His hair changes with the seasons: winter = long and shaggy. summer = clean and short (my favorite).
13. He is number 2 on my speed dial (second only to my voicemail).
14. His impression of leave Britney alone is spot on.
15. I know when he's watched the TV in the living room when I flip it on and ESPN is on. (On the contrary, he knows that I've been watching TV when he sees that Bravo is on.)
16. He holds our hymnal in church.
17. He holds my hand while he drives.
18. He has a palette that prefers dark beer...I tried a Guiness the other day (you know, in order to prepare for London) and I couldn't even finish it. There's no hope for us to ever share an Indian Pale Ale at the end of the night...
19. He will find a band that is amazing, rave about it, buy their album, and tell me about them Five months later, I'll jump on the bandwagon.
20. He knew of Arcade Fire, back when they were The Arcade Fire.
21. He likes spicy food. We've had to compromise on meals we make...it'll be spicy enough for me, and then after I take my helping, he puts the cayenne on his.
22. He checks the golf course by work everyday he drives past---he will golf every free Saturday until October.
23. He is the one who know how much money we have in the funds and when the bills are due.
24. He watches Beavis and Butthead and Futurama on our Netflix.
25. He wants to open a restaurant or brewery someday.
26. He watches Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives when I'm stuck doing homework.
27. He's the one who calms me down when I'm riled up, and comforts me when I'm feeling crappy.
28. He is the best.


LizzieBeth said...

the last one is pretty obvious if he snagged a lovely lady like you.

Happy Birthday Chad!


Jamie said...

What a great guy, happy birthday Chad.

PS - who/what is rebecca brown?

Creativechaos said...

Aw! That's so sweet. He seems like a awesome guy to have around =)


Claire Kiefer said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to your husband. :) So you're the IPA lover? I can't handle IPA--wayyyyyy too hoppy for me. I stick to Blue Moon, Stella, that kinda beer. Speaking of beer, so excited for beers on porches now that it's getting warm!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Aw! This is a sweet post. Happy birthday to him! I also watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives! haha. I'm a bit obsessed with the food network. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Kimberlee said...

Ooohh. I love me some diners, drive ins and dives. Happy birthday to your husband.

Cole said...

Happy Birthday Chad!
I love hearing why girls love their men, it warms my heart.
And I am totally with you on the dark beer front India Pale Ales are yucko!

Meri said...

Sounds like a keeper. This is a very sweet post :)


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