snow day.

With the snow coming down outside, today seems like a perfect day to mend this sore throat (thanks, husband.) and drink some tea.

Also on today's agenda (if I can pull myself off the couch & away from The Office reruns on Netflix): fold laundry. put away dishes. bake bread in my dutch oven. put more music on my iPod. put away Christmas decorations. organize refrigerator. update calendar (one of my favorite things to do right away in the new year).

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, one more thing...have you checked out Etsy Taste Test yet? It's all sorts of wonderful! I think I spend an hour browsing it last night. :)


Meri said...

Gorgeous photo.

One question- bake bread in your dutch oven? huh? I'm intrigued!

Meghan said...

Sounds like a perfect day indoors! Stay warm!

Relevant Notes Blog said...

Hey, I just stumbled across your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I love your header!

Cassie said...

Hope your sore throat feels better soon. Please send some snow England bound, we had loads before Christmas but now all we are having is rain and I really am wishing for that crisp white again soon.

klimt said...

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