What to Give: Volume V

The second-to-last gift guide is for my sister Laura.

The Deets on Older Sis: pregnant (as you already know). raising a one-and-a-half year old. blogging. cooking. running a house. tv fan (nbc Thursday line up is her weakness). movie fan. sports fan. husband fan. the best.

In Case You're Interested: 

01. Absolutely Fabulous Cookbook Stand$27.00 (currently sold out)
02. Organic Pregnancy to Birth Body Care$50.00
03. 12 Wishes for Baby Journal$28.00
04. Fish Tea Towel$19.00 (for her fish-loving husband)
05. Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mug$45.00
06. At Home in Minnesota Poster$22.00 (I can see this in a frame right above her piano) :)


Meri said...

Oooh I want that MN poster!
Thanks for the goods!

krisandkel said...

I think that Minnesota poster is so unique/awesome! You can even think of the perfect place for it to go. I definitely vote for that one but all your ideas are great!

<3 kris&kel

Kiersten said...

I absolutely love the tea towel, and I think the travel mug is wonderful as well. (I, however, love travel mugs in general. They're good for traveling with hot chocolate)
<3 Kiersten

Cassie said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog and for taking the time to pop over.

I am now going to spend some time reading your lovely looking blog. Love these gift guides.

Wishing you a great weekend before Christmas

paula said...

such a great list!

Gracie said...

That's a great gift guide :)

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad I did well with the ornament swap!

I think that's really sweet that you are giving your hubby an ornament each year!!

Laura {Brand New Housewife} said...

Good gravy, you're good. :)

Can't wait to see you on Friday!

Diana Mieczan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diana Mieczan said...

What a great guide:) I adore the fish tea towel:) Super cute:) Happy Monday,sweetie


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