latest + greatest.

white christmas. ornaments in vases. scrabble. waking up without an alarm clock. writing birthdays on a new calendar. sparkly jewelry. a cuddling kitten. kraft paper. volumizing shampoo. double knotting my winter scarf. being a shopper rushing home with my treasures. celebrating the end of the semester with waffles. pictures of my Christmas tree. red poinsettias. cracking peanuts. holding a 24-hour-old baby. the homemade tunnel in my backyard. getting Christmas cards. singing carols. hot cocoa and peppermint sticks. nativity scenes on the shelf. candles. hunting for goodies in my local thrift store. nat king cole. prayers right before bed. clementines. flannel pajama pants. houndstooth. will ferrell and john c. reilly singing little drummer boy/peace on earth. Christmas desktop wallpapers. bread rising. black peacoat. ree's cookbook. my tangerine mixer. hilarious outfits from the 80s. eclipse pictures. excitement over a baby girl in our family. sweet potato fries. muppet's christmas carol. bridesmaid dress collection by carol hannah. driving past houses at night and seeing their Christmas trees. reading Luke 2 with Chad.


{eleise} said...

OOO what 24 hr old baby??
aren't your excited to start buying some pink?? =)

Have a good Christmas!!!

Jamie said...

What a perfect list


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