fallin', yes I am fallin'

Apple Trees. Corn Fields. Colorful Trees. Bright Blue Skies.

I am officially ready for fall. Earlier this week, I was thinking about what Sheena said about summer. Now I'm ready to welcome beautiful autumn and all the comes with it.

The first apple pie. {Am baking it this week!}
The apple picking at Bushel & Peck-see above photo. {isn't that the cutest name?}
The new wardrobe I have to get out of storage. {must buy new work pants}
The pumpkin spice latte.
The butternut squash soup...I guess I just can't wait for the first fall in my own kitchen.

I'm also thinking about this post I wrote last fall: Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole.

P.S. Happy news to report--my sister, Laura, is having another baby! We'll welcome him/her in late April or early May next year!


Shannon said...

My grandma just brought me some apples from an orchard in the cities. Maybe we should have an apple pie baking party?! It could be marvelous... :)

Shannon said...

Plus we could continue to catch up since the rugby game wasn't quite the prime place for serious talking =P

Johanna said...

Fall came and went in like 2 weeks way up here in the Yukon...so enjoy Fall for me there okay? Congrats on being an auntie once again in the Spring...so much to look forward to!

Oh, My Darling said...

Congrats on the exciting aunt news!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Hey lady thanks for following! I'm so ready for Fall too! I went to an apple fest to get the ball rolling & there weren't any apples there!! hehe. I guess I'll have to make my first apple pie this week too! =)

Congrats to your sis! =)


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