Christmas Around the Home: On The Gifts

I'll be the first to admit it--I'm obsessed with brown kraft paper. I love the fact that you can put whatever you want on it, and the package will still look perfect. And the super cheap factor helps. I will be using only kraft paper this year--and jazzing it up with yarn, ribbon, and bows. And hopefully won't throw the scotch tape and scissors across the room...wish me luck! :)

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How would you like some free downloads and gift wrapping tips?

How To Gift Wrap Like A Pro.
Downloadable Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags.
Wrap Gifts with Yarn.
Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips.
Bonanza of Free Printables.


Meri said...

Is that yarn on the colorful ones? Gorgeous!
I love the greenery too. Now I'm excited to wrap!

Jamie said...

One of my favorite ways to wrap - I buy it at Home Depot in the paint section - it comes on huge rolls and is super cheap

Natalie said...

Knocking out some last minute Christmas wrapping today-- thanks for the printables!

Shannon said...

Isn't the internet wonderful? I've seen so so many gorgeous wrapping and trimming ideaas but I think I've become overwhelmed with them. So I did nothing special. Just wrapped them in regular paper and plopped a little name sticker on them. Oh well, maybe next year :)

Nikki said...

These are so awesome! You're makinge me a) want a color printer, and b) wish I hadn't already wrapped all my gifts. :-)

Merry Christmas!

Olivia said...

cutie pics

love the gift wrap :)


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