What to Give: Volume III

For today's edition of What to Give, I focused on my younger sister Hannah.

Here are a few characteristics of Hannah:
  • While I will never understand it, she likes John Lennon the best. Even better than Paul McCartney...she claims to "hate" Paul. {Dear Paul, I love you and will never leave you.}
  • She is almost 16. She loves hanging out with her friends, experiementing with makeup, and spending time on the computer. {That sounds almost exactly what a 22-year-old does...hmmm.}
  • Books + her = love.
  • Music + her = love. Seriously. All she seems to want for Christmas and Birthdays are iTunes gift cards.
  • She'll be the last one to admit it {being so humble and all}, but she's the artist of the family. When she's drawing a picture, she doesn't just draw stick people. Like I do.
In Case You're Interested

01. 1950 Black Sunglasses. $34.00
02. 1940s Gooseneck Lamp in Red. $62.00
03. Twisted Pencil Case in Red and White. $29.00
04. Cup Cozy in Purple. $16.00
05. 2011 Bookmark Mini Calendar. $6.00
06. Tiny Hearts Sterling Silver Stacking Rings. $46.00
07. Felted Wool Mittens. $36.00
08. John Lennon Print. $15.00


::Hannah:: said...

Ohhhh baby! These are all "poifect"! I especially love the fun red lamp and the mittens {and of course the John Lennon print...swoon!}

Laura {Brand New Housewife} said...

I thought Hannah's favorite was George...?

Krystal said...

I love those gloves!

Meghan said...

Great finds! Personally, George is my favorite:)

RN Mama said...

You had me at the cozy cup! Love that:)

Vanessa said...

Such cute things! Especially the mittens!!

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

I bought adorable owl mittens for my girl.

I heart the john lennon print. Sigh


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