Christmas Finds: Volume IV

The next gift list is for my fourteen-year-old sister Hannah.

She is the: teenager. piano lover. picture framer. high schooler. artist. music lover. on your list.

She loves putting her stuff on display whether it be a bulletin board, posters, or picture frames. That's why this magenta mini cork board would be perfect in her room.

I think almost 80% of the clothes in her closet belonged to me and my older sister, but even I would have to borrow this cable-knit button-front hoodie from her {if only we wore the same size}.

She is a music lover through and through...the Beatles are #1 {are they for everyone!?} so these Beatles pins would adorn her backpack.

She has a bag that I bought her last Christmas, but something like this canvas messanger bag would give her an updated look {not to mention more room}.

Say what you will about gift cards, I don't know if you're usually on the yay or nay side, but my opinion is that if I know that the person frequently goes to the store, then it's alright.  I do like to get actual gifts for people, but, I'd feel fine getting Hannah an iTunes gift card. That way she'd be able to listen to all the albums she wants.

Hannah really needs a new alarm clock-one that doesn't wake her up with the annoying, blaring BEEP. Here's one. that has radio which will make waking up a little more pleasant.
Hannah is the only member of my family that has artistic talent {yes, I can't even draw a person without resorting to the stick figures} so she needs some new paintbrushes.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Oooooh! I <3 it all! Especially the messenger. It's canvas! And I could dress it up with all my pretty Beatles buttons! :)


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