I don't know if I need a sanity check or if I just spend way too much time browsing etsy but I've decided to feature some new series posts this Christmas season. In between classes, work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework and living, I will be doing some special Christmas posts starting in one week from today: November 3rd! 

I will be featuring the second year of What to Give {formerly Christmas Finds}. I will also be doing a new Christmas feature called Christmas Around the Home. Here's what I'm planning--What to Give will be like last year: I will center each post around someone in my life and come up with gift ideas that are personal to them. What I'm hoping is that you also have a sister who likes art or a mother who is going green and can take my gift posts and use them when you are coming up with your own ideas.

Christmas Around the Home will be a series in which I will take a different part of the house {office, mantle, kitchen, living room, mailbox, etc} and give some ideas for how you can put a little Christmas spirit there.

I will hopefully be able to crank out one post from each series a week which will end in time for you to actually use them when you are holiday shopping. Of course, it goes without saying {but I'll say it anyway} the real center of Christmas is the birth of our Savior and I am in no way suggesting that gifts should be all we think about this time of year. I am merely giving people a little help when they go off and do their inevitable Christmas shopping and mall trips.

I really enjoyed creating the Christmas Finds posts last year and I'm excited to dedicate a little of this blog of mine to all things Christmas for the next month or so. Off I go!


Krystal said...

great idea!

Jamie said...

Fantastic idea - can't wait to see all the posts.

Emily Ryan said...

so excited to see the Christmas Around the Home posts! I love the idea!!

Laura {Brand New Housewife} said...

Love it!

And your gift idea posts help me in my brainstorming, too. :)

styleforlife said...

This is a fantastic idea!!!
Please come visit EL Vintage on Etsy and choose items...
I am from WISCONSIN too! YAY!
XX Emily


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