let's go.

Time for another listography installment.

Travel: List some of the American cities you'd like to visit one day.

Before I start listing all the high points on my dream USA road trip, let me just give you a little background. Ever since I was in 8th grade, my family has gone on family road trips every August. We've gone to every corner of the country and I've seen landmarks and special sites that make me appreciate our country just a little more. So, this list might be a little short, but it's because I've been blessed with getting to travel. 

Oh, and I really like skylines. Especially skylines at night. I dream of having a whole wall in my house dedicated to pictures of city skylines at night. 

 New York City

 Portland, Oregon

 New Orleans, Louisiana

Las Vegas, Nevada

 Austin, Texas

Chad--pack your bags. We're going on road trips every year for the rest of our lives.

I like big cities, of course. But sometimes I like the little towns too.  Those are often the ones that have the best food, the nicest people, and you make the memories in.  

I just want to get out there and travel. I think this post's origin stems from the three study abroad presentations I had at school this week. I've been forced to fantasize about taking a month-long trip to Scotland and Ireland for student teaching. My funds are limited to go overseas, but some of these US cities are so affordable. They are just waiting for me to explore.

P.S. Where would you go?


Jamie said...

New York is high on my lists - I've never been there. But most of all I want to go back to my former home, Seattle.

LizzieBeth said...

I've always wanted to see Chicago, I hear it's a beautiful city. I was there once when I was 12, but I really don't remember too much about it.

How about the City of Brotherly Love?? Come, visit. We'll do lunch together!


Meghan said...

You should come to Chicago! You'd love it!

I am a huge fan of NYC! I also love Boston and San Diego!

Anonymous said...

I love New York! It has an energy like none other. I think I would like to see Chicago soon. The hubby has been for business quite a few times and he really likes it. Next time I'm tagging along!

p.s. I am having a photography giveaway if it interests you! (It's travel photos too ~ which I'm guessing is up your alley)! xo

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I want to go...well everywhere really...

my name is lauren. said...

i like you're list. i'd like to go to many of these places too. i'm actually from portland, so if you ever do come visit, i'll show you around. it's kinda funny, but i can actually see my work building in that photo. weird.

hope you get to travel somewhere fun soon!




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