Are you a Project Runway fan? Tonight is the finale and we can finally see Mondo be crowned the winner! {Okay, I don't actually know if Mondo will win, but he's definitely the front runner in my opinion. It's kind of reminiscent of Christian's season with how much he's being favored--I just have a hunch Mondo will take it.}

Below is a funny little clip from kids reenact :

I unfortunately won't be watching it live--work and all. I'll be one of those lame people who DVR it and watch it the next day :)  I hope you tune in!

P.S. Speaking of Project Runway, these two are brilliant (and extremely witty!)


Krystal said...

i wish I could watch this!!

LizzieBeth said...

Ok, don't hate me, but I was such a fan of Michael C. He was so cute and sweet. I knew he wasn't going to make it to fashion week, but I still had my fingers crossed.

I want to like Gretchen, because some of her stuff is actually wearable-- and the rest I'm like WTF?

Mondo is always WTF, but in a fabulous, creative way. Heart him. TEAM MONDO!

Andy South? Whatever. The only thing of his I liked was the first bathing suit he made.


Jenny said...

I totally agree Mondo is the clear winner! I can't wait to see his collection!

My Dream Ring said...

He better win! No one can even compare to the unique and fantastic items that he dishes out!


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