on being a wife...

3 thoughts of being married for less than 3 months:

01. I discovered last night one of the special treats that I get because I'm Chad's wife. I get to listen to him whenever he has something to say. Last night, for instance, I was on the computer, doing my thing, catching up on blogs and he started talking about how his job was giving him grief. A little voice in my head went "Amanda, shut the computer and listen to him. This is important. He is important and needs his wife to listen to his troubles." One of the great things about being married is that we are allowed to be vulnerable with each other. We create an environment in which we are allowed to truly be ourselves. We get to say how we feel about certain things and know that our partner will be there.

02. I've realized something else about myself: I enjoy cooking. It's such a joy being able to have a kitchen of my own and writing out my own grocery list. I like finding recipes and new things for Chad and I to try. I like going on websites and planning out what day we will have ginger stir-fry and what day we will have homemade mac & cheese. I know that I'm not the best cook in the world but in our house and in Chad's eyes, I'm pretty good. I've made my own biscuits, my own tortillas, my own guacamole and I will continue to find recipes that I can try out. I know that one day, I will probably not enjoy being the main cook in the house. I will be too tired and too burnout to fix a meal. Luckily, I have a guy that will pick up my slack and not complain about making food for our family.  Once, when I was beating myself up over a burnt fish sandwich you know what he said? "Honey, no matter what you make and no matter if it ends up being good or not, I will like it. I will like it because I know you tried and I know that you are doing this to keep me happy and healthy." I'm not perfect. I'm not the perfect cook or the perfect homemaker but I'm trying my hardest. To Chad, that's all that matters.

03. And finally, it's been a transition from "We don't live together" to "I live here." Chad lived in our apartment before our wedding day {like a year before} and it's been a transition {to say the least} that I live in this house. I've told Chad on more than one occasion that I sometimes feel like a guest in our house. My stuff lives here, my mail gets sent here, my food is in the refrigerator, my toothbrush is in the holder, and my book is on my nightstand. I don't by any means feel like I have to walk on eggshells in the house, but it's just weird. It's weird going from leaving each other at the end of the night to being able to go out until 1230am and then just simply walking back to our apartment. I am miss independent {to a certain extent} and I'm really enjoying it.

*All you married chics out there--what were you feeling 3 mo. into wedded bliss?


Laura said...

ummm...morning sickness? :)

(but not really because I didn't really get sick)

Meghan said...

Umm so adorable!

After 3 months, I just couldn't get over the fact that I had a husband and we were each other's little family:) I loved the fact that each day was just better and better!

LizzieBeth said...

I'll let you know in October ;)



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