while the mr. is away...

the mrs. will play.

Since Chad is gone on a camping trip all weekend, I'm thinking a girly, relaxing weekend. Why is it going to be girly? Well, check out my reading material {3 of them were delievered just today}: Glamour, Real Simple, and Food and Wine. Not to mention the Time Traveler's Wife that is sitting right next to the stack of magazines. Yeah, not only that, but I think I've got a date tomorrow with Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie, and Samantha.

Why is it going to be relaxing? Because, for once, my weekend is my own. Don't have to go out, don't have any expectations. I just get to eat, drink a glass of wine, go to one of our small-town events and miss my guy.


LizzieBeth said...

Sometimes my favorite hours of the day is the time between 2:30 (when I get home) and 5:00 (when JEGs gets home). It's that little time that I may have a glass of wine, eat some cheese and crackers and watch my girl shows on demand.

It's always good to have a little time to yourself :)


katrina lauren said...

this sounds like the most perfect weekend...enjoy enjoy enjoy...and before you know it big hugs from your mr will shower you!

Nicole said...

Relaxing, girly weekends/evenings are the BEST!


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