for the list-lovers & the concert-goers.

I {like so many other bloggers/wifes/women/students out there} love making lists. I like checking off each task with a big, satisfying black X. Right now, my bulletin board, aka: the heartbeat of my apartment, has lists like: groceries to buy, apartment wishlist, general to-do list, to-blog list, meal ideas list...I could go on and on {but, I think you get the general idea}.

I thought that I would beef up my simple lists tab with a few more posts. A website called listography.com is a whole site dedicated to list lovers and list makers. Since I'm both, I thought I'd give you awesome readers a little glimpse into my thoughts: list style.

The first one is all about music. More specifically: artists that I've seen live in concert.

Here's a little background--before I was 15, I hadn't seen one artist in concert. Then my sister, her friend, my mom and I went to see Josh Groban. I missed a day of school and had to make up a test, but it was worth it to see his amazing concert.

Then, after I started dating Chad, I went to more. And then more. And it's gotten to be that I've seen almost every artist that I'd like to {with the exception of the Beatles...oh to dream}.

Here's the rundown {in no particular order}--

01. Josh Groban.
02. Jason Mraz. {when he was still singing "geek in the pink"}
03. Justin Vernon. review here.
04. Keane. review here.
05. Coldplay.
06. Mat Kearney.
07. The Decemberists.
08. John Mayer. Sharing pictures below since it's been almost 6 months, and you haven't seen them yet:

Share if you'd like: Who have you seen in concert? Have any of us seen the same artists?


danielle said...

Hooray for concerts. In chronological order:

1. Mae (first concert ever)
2. Quietdrive
3. Silversun Pickups/OK Go/Snow Patrol
4. Hellogoodbye (took my sister for her Birthday)
5. Envy on the Coast/As Tall As Lions
6. Mae/OK Go/The Fray
7. OK Go (at UWEC)
8. Sir Paul McCartney (in LIVERPOOL)
9. Something Corporate (TONIGHT!)

I love concerts, so it's hard to pick a favorite, but singing along to "Hey Jude" with Paul McCartney thousands of other Beatles fans in Liverpool, England has got to top the list.

~Shan~ said...

Oooo concerts. I haven't been to as many as I would like, but here's the list:

Mae (I went with Danielle)
Barlow Girl
Remedy Drive (4 different times I think)
Ari Herstand

People I'd still like to see:

John Mayer
Jason Mraz (yeah, pretty jealous of you on both accounts Amanda ;P)
Jeremy Camp
SoCo and Quietdrive would be awesome too. And Yellowcard if they were still performing.

Jenny said...

Yay for concerts! John Mayer was actually my first concert with Guster as an opening act. John's amazing life don't you think? In addition I have also seen...
1. Mason Jennings/Jack Johnson
2. Collective Soul/Counting Crows
3. Sondre Lerche
4. Ingrid Michaelson
5. One EskimO
6. Eric Hutchinson
7. Weezer
I love a good concert, especially outdoor concerts in the summer!

Vanessa said...

Oh lists, how I love thee! I have multiple tablets hanging from the fridge so I can make lists whenever I need them. It's so satisfying crossing off items! I'm definitely going to check out that site!

As for concerts, I haven't been to any of the same ones, but I've been to so many! I've attended Creation (big Christian fest!) and seen SO many concerts there, I've definitely lost track. I love live music!


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