Simple Weekend: Eventful

This weekend was a total whirlwind of events that I have to break it down into more than one part in order to give everything adequate air time. I told you that we were going to be busy this month, so without further delay...


Chad and I had tickets to see Keane in concert at the Myth. I had the day off, so while I was waiting for Chad to be done with work I decided to go to the mall and try to find a skirt. I was shopping at all my favorite, usually fail-proof, stores (Old Navy, Gap, Maurices, Penney's, American Eagle) and nothing was inspiring me. I was having just a total brain fart and wasn't really feeling anything. I didn't even pick anything up off the racks-just wandered aimlessly from store to store.

Does that ever happen to you? And if it does, what do you do to get out of the mini funk?

I then decided to go home and pack up my suitcase full of existing clothes from my closet to wear to the wedding we were going to on Saturday (the outfit actually turned out better than I would've thought). I wanted to clean my room up since I don't like coming home after a long weekend to a dirty room. (I definitely get this from my sister Laura. Ever since we were young and shared a room she's done this. I never used to when I was a kid; I'd just throw clothes into a bag and sit on my unmade bed and watch her make her's and put away all her clothes and tidy up. She will always try to have a clean room before leaving for the weekend-are any of you like that or is it just us?)

I got picked up by Chad and we made our way to the Cities for the show starting at 7. We got there in plenty of time and, even though some people who had been there before said the parking was a nightmare, found a relatively good spot. We waited for the doors to open out in the rain just like everyone else and since it was general admission got pretty good seats. Right when we got in, I made a beeline for the front and stood behind two people! That's right-for the whole night I was the third person from the stage. I loved being that close, even though I had to stand there for four hours without moving (I wouldn't dare let anyone take my spot.)

Even though the doors opened at 7, the first act didn't go on until around 8. The band, Helio Sequence, comes from Portland, Oregon and puts on a pretty good show. The lead singer plays the guitar and the other member is the drummer. The drummer is very...energetic about his music. I tried to capture on the camera, but this is the best I could do (sorry for the blurry quality). He was just moving around so much and if you've ever seen Helio Sequence you know what I'm talking about.

The next act was Mat Kearney, who I'd heard about but wasn't too familiar with. I got one of his records from one of the guys I used to work with and I've only listened to it once or twice. They were definitely good and very charismatic. Mat announced that he has a new album coming out on Tuesday, "City of Black and White". I, most likely, will be buying it. They were just really nice to listen to and I like that style of music.

We waited around after they were done for close to 45 minutes while the roadies for Keane got everything set up. There were people trying to get closer to the stage at this time and Chad told me to hold my spot since we'd been there so long. I don't like getting jostled around and being that close to the stage, people were definitely creeping into my area. Keane finally came on at exactly 10 (which I had predicted).

They were awesome! So far in my life I've only been to a handful of shows (Josh Groban, Jason Mraz, Bon Iver, Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, countless DCW, and now Keane.) They were definitely at the near top of the list. I got to see my first crowd surfer, which I would have missed if Chad hadn't pointed him out to me. That wasn't anything new for Chad who's been to Green Day, Blink-182, and shows at Bonnaroo Music Festival. Tom Chaplin, the lead singer, had such energy and stage presence that it was hard to look away from him. Every time they were done with a song, he'd just stand were he was and look out into the crowd, basking in the cheers (which of course made us cheer even louder). They were full of such appreciation for their fans and definitely played a remarkable show. I didn't care that I was screaming so loudly that the guy in front of me had to plug his ears (he was very obvious about it). The only down side was that there was an annoying guy in the crowd who kept shouting "Emily", which apparently is one of the songs that they wrote 12+ years ago. Whenever Tom started talking, he'd shout it out and finally Tom figured out what he was saying and said "That's such a s... song I don't even remember the words, mate." The guy was persistent and fortunately got kicked out. It had been raining pretty steadily before the show and Tom made a comment that they were looking forward to getting nice weather and then "it starts pissing English style". (His words, mom, not mine.) Another time he talked about how they started in the US on the West Coast and the further and further they get towards the east, the fans get better and better. (Everyone in the crowd loved hearing that.) I just absolutely loved being there with my guy listening to one of our favorite bands.

*I LOVE Tim's zebra shirt!

*Using no zoom!

(I have so many pictures that I'll put up on Facebook, so if you're my friend you'll be able to see them on there soon.)

The show lasted until about 11:45 and we still had a 1 1/2 hour drive to Mankato ahead of us, so we got in the car and pulled out the GPS and both sighed with relief when we got to sit after 4 hours and drove to the gas station and drank such refreshing water for about a minute straight. We drove on Hwy 169 the whole way and Chad was irritated because every 15 miles or so the speed limit would change from 55 mph to 65 mph and it wasn't just for drive through towns either. We got to the hotel at about 1:40 am and promptly fell asleep.

Part Two: Saturday and Sunday (coming soon!)

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