Wedding Season: What to Give {Vol. 3}

1. Black and Silver Wall Rack: $15.00
2. Distressed Key Holder: $6.00
3. Office Organizer: $16.00
4. 16 Fabric Pushpins: $14.50
5. Small Vintage Jar Trio: $15.00
6. Lidded Glass Jar: $14.00

Everyone needs a way to organize the chaos. Whether it's a place to hang up keys or the husband's coat, or finding a cute way to display the cotton swabs and Q-Tips in small clear jars. At my apartment, we're just getting into the living together mode and we've found that having a central location for everything {bills, receipts, schedules, bulletin board, calendar} is the ideal way for our house to function smoothly. Some cute fabric pushpins would make any new bride smile.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE the Small Vintage Jar Trio - such an adorable gift idea!! :)

Meghan said...

I love that wall rack!

Mandy said...

This was so helpful for me! I have a lot of showers coming up and love how cute but practical these are.


Vanessa said...

Such cute things! Great ideas!!

Cole said...

These are all great ideas for wedding gifts. Great picks. lovely blog. :)


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