Mission Accomplished: Leroy's Surprise Party

Remember the super secret event I mentioned last weekend? This was it. My dad and his siblings threw a surprise birthday party for their dad's 80th. And, boy, was he surprised. Friends and relatives from all over came to the beach pavilion to celebrate 80 years of my grandpa. The sneaky aunts of mine decided to do the party last week, instead of closer to his real birthday which is in September. Luckily, we know how to party any day of the year :)

Photo 01: The lake that we got to look at. If I didn't have to come straight from work, I would have gotten the swimsuit on and been in that water. It was 90+ degrees that day, so a dip in the lake would've felt nice.

Photo 02: All things Leroy. This is just a little peek at what makes my grandpa unique. All his children brought a little something that reminded them of their dad--puzzles, Christmas lights that he fixes, wooden figure of Jesus carrying the cross that he made, the Minnesota Vikings, baseball, and a paint brush + can. All the grand kids were asked to write him a special little note, too.

Photo 03: Cousins playing volleyball. Every year my family seems to grow and grow. Weddings have brought more cousins and babies have brought more second cousins. Some cousins of mine braved the heat + scorching sand to play a little game. It's always fun to see everyone like we used to when we were younger. It's like no time ever passed. Now we have new memories.
Coming up next: UJ's adventures on the beach & Hannah and Amanda conquer the driving range.


{eleise} said...

Boy...were they stupid or what to be playing volleyball in 90 degree weather in steamy, hot sand?? =)

Patricia Snook said...

Ooh! What a fantastic surprise, and phowr, hot hot hot weather you had too.

You've got such a gorgeous blog over here




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