bite into it.

My friends,

Just wondering if you'll be joining me on 6.30 along with 5.1745 million teenage girls as we go see Twilight: Eclipse. Here's how my Jacob/Edward duel goes on in my brain--Jacob in the movies, and Edward in the books. (Trust me, it makes things confusing.)

P.S. I'll bring the Milk Duds...must remember bigger purse for sneaking them in.


Laura said...

Methinks I'll just wait 'til it comes out on DVD. I don't need to be surrounded by screaming teenyboppers whenever Taylor Lautner shows up on screen with his shirt off.

(No offense, Hannah.)

Love the new blog header, btw!

**Hannah** said...

Bleh. Are you seriously going to the premiere night? I waited until New Moon came to the Budget before I saw it, and it was kinda sorta against my will.

And no offense taken Laur, even if Jacob is yumma-yum-yum! =)

Vanessa said...

Oh you know it! I'll bring the raisinettes!

JMay said...

I will be there as well...I feel like 13 year old again but I'm embracing it!!! :-)


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