5.15: me & the b-maids getting ready {Vol. II}

 {01. pleased as punch. 02. the hair shot...all credit for those curls goes to Ms. Sara} 

When we arrived at the church, we were pleased to find that we were the only ones there except Jeff and Jess. Laura and I dropped off the dresses and then crept down the hall to pick up the gorgeous gerbera daisies that Kelly {my flower queen} left in the fridge. After chatting with J & J for a while, I sat down in the 3rd and 4th grade room and had my aunt Deb put my face on.

So, me and the girls proceeded to share eyeliner, chat about our shoes, and fix our hair. We listened to Z100 and laughed as the same Rhianna song came on twice in the two and a half hour span we were in there. The short amount of time that we were in there was a whirlwind--people coming in and out, pictures being taken, giggling and chatter. All of which I soaked up like a sponge. I liked the  fact that I was never alone in the room. Sure I missed the fact that the girls could go out and see the boys whenever I wanted to, but I kinda liked that I was able to spend precious time with each girl.

The shoes. I didn't have any sort of demands when it came to my girls' shoes. They all knew I was wearing bright pink flats {the ones in the middle} and they took it from there. Some of the girls completely surprised me, like Danielle, my sensible and non-heel wearing pal, who sported the two+ inch heels on the far right the whole evening.

My little mr. came in to our room and kept us company while we waited for Pastor T. to come get us. Do you love that tie? I got that sweet little polka-dotted number from Me and Matilda. I gotta tell you, having a baby around you right before you get married is one of the most calming things you can have. If you are getting married soon, borrow someone's baby for a 1/2 hour. You get distracted from all the cuteness.

This is something that not many people got to see. My cute little garter. I'm a Colts fan through and through and wanted to honor them on the wedding day.  We didn't do the traditional garter toss and bouquet toss at the wedding reception, so only my maids and Chad saw my Colts pride. My garter was made by Embroidery World.

One of the best moments was when Laura came into the room with a note from my beloved. It's one of the keepsakes from the wedding that I'll treasure for the rest of my life. As you can see by my face, I am overwhelmed by his love for me. He wrote it the morning of our wedding and he shared with me his thoughts about the day and about our future together.  I have a Christian husband who will always protect and treasure our love and he made me even more confident in that with the words on this piece of paper.

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Rachel Elizabeth said...

Loving all the pictures. Isn't it great to relive all this great stuff?


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