5.15: church decor and the dress

Be prepared: there is some serious pretty going on in this post. Few words. Many pictures. 

What can I say about our flowers? When I told Kelly, a.k.a. Flower Genie, what I wanted she said "I know exactly what to do." Not even a moment's hestitation and my vision was transported into her brain. She knew I wanted pink + orange daisies and kept 'em clean and classy. Above is her work on the altar and the church pews.

I also have one of Jeff's pictures as my new blog header. When I showed Chad it last night he commented on the fact that it looked like the old one, but with a facelift. My thoughts exactly.

The other set of pretty shots: my dress. My white, satin, jeweled dress. I just like staring at it.

See? I just was in love with this little number.

My sis. The lace-up queen. I did it for her wedding and she returned the favor for me.


Johanna said...

you look so beautiful Amanda.
I'm so sorry if I haven't left a comment to say congrats. I guess we both have a lot going on right now....but let me say it now, congratulations to you and your wonderful husband. May you have a life of happiness together forever!

JMay said...

Such a pretty bride! Congrats :-) I just got married on June 5th...enjoy lady!


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