for the Easter files.

Well, Easter sneaked up on me this year.

This Sunday is already Palm Sunday which means that Holy Week is starting in a couple days. It's so easy to forget this holiday since this year is flying by, but to me, Easter is one of the biggest holidays.  It's so comforting to know that my Savior has overcome death and I look forward to this week since I'll be able to celebrate His death and my assurance of eternal life. It's remarkable to me that Jesus died for my sins and rose again to give miserable, sinful me a place in Heaven.

Martha has some crafting ideas that I'd like to try next year:
* Pussy Willow Wreath
* Simple Easter Display

I also found some other Easter decoration inspiration on etsy:
* Porcelain Laceware Easter Eggs
* Easter Cake Pop Bouquet
* Spring Cupcake Flags
* Easter Blocks

So in the midst of all the Easter happenings, I plan on watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution {as a teacher, I have interest in getting kids on a healthy lunch program}, going to my cousin's baby shower {part of my gift is this}, celebrating Chad's birthday, and depositing my state tax refund {time to build up the nest--we have a TV to buy after all}.

Happy last weekend in March!  

{Wish the weather was cooperating...oh well, I just bought some cardigans from Old Navy/Gap so I can do some layering}

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Johanna said...

lovely Easter ideas!
I'm starting to think ahead to next weekend and what we will be doing (other than going to church that is).
Enjoy holy week.


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