IKEA purchases

{Note: I've lined up some posts to be scheduled while I'm gone--happy reading!}

Remember when Chad and I went to IKEA a million years ago? Now, it was nothing like Tom and Summer's trip {500 Days of Summer is on my wishlist-btw}:

but we did manage to pick up some furniture pieces that will be part of our newly married furniture

All of it is sitting in boxes at Chad's parents house waiting for May when we can assemble. I am not the most patient person, so assembling and finding part J223 will be a true test for me.

I'm so glad that we have a couple things already checked off the list, mountain, of things that we have to get before 5.15.

What are some of your favorite IKEA purchases?

1. and the mama version too. 2. 3.

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Rachel Elizabeth said...

Ikea is amazing. My husband and I are the poster kids for Ikea.


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