It's like she knows we are getting married in {88} days. If I wasn't already wearing Chad's grandmother's heirloom necklace for the wedding, I'd have to sneak this in the day somewhere.

Since the wedding day is on the fast track here, I've got a few wedding planning posts in the works--stay tuned!


Kinsey Michaels said...

Etsy is so fabulous!! Very cute necklace, you should get it anyway :)

Johanna said...

ya, you should get it as a wedding gift to yourself and then wear it on your honeymoon. You deserve it ;o)

bethany said...

Aww, Amanda, that's very sweet! And goodness...88? It's coming up fast... :) :) :)

Vanessa said...

SO cute! You should get it anyway! Maybe in a bracelet? Or tie it in with the bouquet?

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Etsy is oh so amazing.


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