Here's what I've been up to the last couple weeks...
{l-r starting at top left}

01. Drank a gingerbread latte with my friend Claire.  We were at Starbucks for over 3 hours catching up.
02. and 03. UJ playing with us....my little buddy is so close to crawling {hopefully when they're here for Christmas he'll premiere all his hard work}.  P.S. Being an aunt is so amazing.
04. Chad and I had an adventure at IKEA the day after Thanksgiving. My very first IKEA experience! {Are you proud of me, Beth?!} We roamed the showroom with our tape measure discussing our living room, whether or not we should buy end tables, invisioning what we'd put in the cubbies of the table we bought {am full of ideas that I'll share soon}. 
05. Speaking of IKEA, while we were eating our inexpensive buffalo chicken wraps in the IKEA lunchroom, we could've swore we were 20 ft. away from Joe Mauer {so convinced that we took a picture of him.} Even though it was completely ludicrous, it was fun giggling about our "celebrity sighting".
06. Shared hot chocolate and snuggled in a booth watching our friend, Matt, play at a local cafe.
07. Last week Thursday marked the beginning of the Great Christmas Tree Weekend of '09.  My dad, mom, sister and I went to a tree farm until we found the perfect one for our living room (08) and one that could fit in our "fancy" living room (09). {Ever since we moved, we've gotten two trees: the "mom" tree-with all the fancy trimmings, and the "kids" tree-with all our popsicle stick and hand made ornaments.


MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Mmm I've never tried the gingerbread latte but I love the new caramel brulee latte.

Being an aunt is the best thing in the world, hands down.

Ikea is the best. I could get lost in there forever.

Mandi said...

Hot chocolate- the BEST! :D Perfect for bringing holiday cheer.

Johanna said...

yay for yummy hot drinks! yay for ikea and their affordable lunches. and yes being an aunt is amazing-i'm an aunt to 5!

bethany said...

EEEEK! YAY! You are no longer an IKEA virgin! :) Oh, Amanda, I cannot lie, I am MORE excited about your IKEA trip than the impending nuptials...is that silly? :) Hehe...I'm kidding...but how exciting!


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