How many of you out there wish you were as relaxed as our girl Karma?

Me too.
She gets to lay around all day curled up in a little ball in the sunshine. We give her daily bodyrubs and she gets to indulge on little treats guilt-free.

While Karma is livin' the good life, I've got all sorts of things swirling around in my brain:

:a wedding update blog post. I have so much on my plate in regards to the wedding...lots of lists, lots of emails, lots of ideas circling my brain. Did you forget I was getting married? I wouldn't hold it against you since I haven't written anything in the last couple months. I've been so busy actually planning it that I haven't been chronicling what has been going on. Stay tuned-it's in the works.

:the gym that we just joined has something called cardio theater. It's divine-I get to watch the office while burnin' calories on the elliptical.

:on Tuesday, I'm going to get a whole new group of kindergartners calling me "Miss Amanda". It's the best part of school--meeting new kids and listening to their stories.

:today-Sunday, my sister and her family are going to be in town. I'm so pumped for their arrival and getting to hang out and play dominoes. We're all going to see my mom's side of the family on Saturday for our 'Christmas get-together'. Should be fun--and we'll get to eat awesome food.

:The Indianapolis Colts are playing in the AFC Championship on Sunday which means they are one step closer to going to the Superbowl. Needless to say, I've got my Manning jersey all ready for the big game. Can you imagine if the Vikings+Colts met at the Superbowl? It would be pandemonium at my house.

:school just started this week. have been busy adjusting to a new schedule which includes class on Thursday from 3-9 and not being able to see Chad two nights out of the week. Things will be easier when we're married. Guaranteed.

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