Sports Fans--check these out.

Does anyone else watch American Idol? {Well, duh, Amanda. That's like asking "Is snow white?"} The American Idol fans of the world have probably all heard "Pants on the Ground" from Tuesday's episode.

I bet you haven't heard Brett Favre singing a little of it, though:

And while we're on the subject, here's a video that LaDainian Tomlinson made:

Happy Football watching!


Laura said...

LOVE that first clip. Man, was he stoked. Slapped Jared Allen's butt pretty hard, too.

I never thought I'd say this, but...I'm actually starting to like Brett Favre. Gasp!

Between the Bookends said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "Wave at your mom!"

Nothing better than a LT version of Cha Cha Slide.

And Brett is such a DORK!

LizzieBeth said...

I am a fan of anyone who beats the Cowboys. Especially since the 'boys kicked my poor Eagles out of the playoffs.

Go Vikings.


Sandy said...

Jared Allen must have said "ouch" or some other word(s) after getting his butt slapped!


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