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Yes. I'm one of those people. I love watching awards shows. If I had it my way, I'd start at the pre-show {you know, the show that starts two hours before the actual award show starts} and not turn it off until the post-show is over. I love the stars--their hairdos, the dresses and the jewelry.

In high school, my friends Jenny and Danielle and I would all go over to Danielle's house and watch the Oscars and have a sleepover. {Danielle-promise me we'll do that one more time before I go off and become a wife.}

Here are the stars that won my vote for "Best-Dressed".

    1. Lea Michele from Glee. Anyone else giddy with excitement that Glee got picked up for a second season?!
    2. Penelope Cruz. That is one sexy mama--she's even holding her own umbrella that's how hot she is.
    3. John Krasinski. This picture is not about Emily Blunt {I like that color, though}, it's all about Jim.
    4. Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. The gays over at Project Rungay didn't love it, but I kinda liked it.
    5. This picture of Ginnifer Goodwin is to merely show you her hair. I love her hair.


    {eleise} said...

    I only watch the red carpet...it always make me wish I had something fancy to wear an amazing dress to! =)

    LizzieBeth said...

    Can we just talk about Sophia Loren's glasses? Dub. Tee. Eff??? I get it, your a gazillion years old, but you are still SOPHIA LOREN.

    PS... Juliana Margolies' dress was to die. for.


    Cafe Fashionista said...

    Haha! I love you for featuring a Best Dressed Guy...I think you may be the only blogger who did that! I agree...John Krasinski looked adorable; and the blush color of Emily's dress was so romantic!! :)


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