Wishlist: dec. 24.

Would love to go to a store that had exactly what I want to wear on Christmas Eve...a black eyelet dress under a bright colored cardigan.

on sale. in my exact size.

Well, if I'm wishing for things, I wish they'd be delievered right to my house. For free.

{from l-r. t-b}
Item 1. Eyelet Wrap Dress (Frock Shop)
Item 2. Breathless Dress in Midnight (Modcloth)
Item 3. Classic Cardigan in Bodega Bay (Gap)
Item 4. Ruffle Cardigan (Banana Republic currently sold out)


Emily Ryan said...

Those are so cute! I'm lovin those dresses! I too am in want of a Christmas dress for the hilidays!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Adorable dresses. I wish for perfect clothes to show up free of charge at my door too. Oh, if only.

LizzieBeth said...

Greetings from Lizzie in Progress!!
You commented on my blog like 100 years ago, and I *just* noticed it!

Loooove the second dress, how cute and vintagey! The Bodega Blue cardigan in on my wist list too! Target has this cute ruffle cardigan in a fun blue color.


Johanna said...

love the last cardi. am reaaly wanting new clothes right now and am trying to restrain myself...but its so hard!

Dana said...

OooooO...I love your wishlist inspirations. I love eyelet anything.

My Christmas Eve wishlist: walking into a store that has a plus size dress that is not stretchy velvet or designed for a 50 yr. old

bethany said...

I adore cardigans, so this gets a hearty whistle from me. :)

Fantastic choices, my dear!


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