ideas and freebies {Christmas edition.}

{sole credit goes to it's pretty good.}

Anyone else have Christmas on the brain? With all the events of my weekend, I just can't help but think that the next 5 days are going to fly. 

Okay, time to feel sorry for me: I have to work an 8 hr. shift on Christmas Day. 

I know, I know, it sucks right? I was depressed about it all month of December, but then I had a change of heart and am fully embracing Christmas Eve as my holiday this year. Yes, I will absolutely dread clocking in at 7am on Christmas morn, but I will be filled with the holiday spirit from the night before, so I'm hoping that the two will cancel each other out.   

In honor of the next couple days, and in honor of the procrastinators in the world...which I'm {sometimes} a member of, I've complied some free printables and other quick ideas:

Some holiday tags:
These are incredible; I vow to never buy tags. These beauties+white cardstock= the perfect way to spruce up any gift under the tree.

Orange You Lucky
Ohdeedoh's compilation {I've personally used the Martha Stewart ones}

Here's a way to make all those drinkable treats from Starbucks right in your own home. Honey, you don't have an espresso machine, so it looks like we'll still have to buy our gingerbread lattes.

These holiday sandwich cookies look just easy enough for me to make.

Still stuck on what to get someone special? Hannah, of Sherbet Blossom, {a new favorite of mine} made a list of stocking stuffers that are sure to please anyone.

Still still stuck? Why not make them a holiday mix? Since it's so close to the holidays you could just use the songs that marta complied. {I tell ya, that lady blows me away with every post.}

P.S. Speaking of music, my ears have been in a relationship with Sufjan Stevens 'Songs for Christmas' for the past two weeks. I'm in l.o.v.e.

Have a beautiful week, loves!


LizzieBeth said...

Can I join your pity party?
It's still up in the air (no pun intended.. ok maybe a little) if I have to work on Christmas, but I know I have to work on New Years Eve NIGHT. From 2pm- 11:30pm. And I live 45 minutes away from work.

I will be wishing myself a happy new year while on the Penna Turnpike. Blah..


Dana said...

Thank you for the links for gift tags! I feel your pain about working on a holiday...hint from someone who has worked many Christmases in the past:

*Dress up or dress festively...it makes the day seem so much brighter.

*Bring cookies for you and your co-workers. Nobody wants to be there, so do what you can to make it fun!

Johanna said...

i just love m.writes and sherbet blossom! great ladies, great ideas!
i'm sorry to hear that you have to work on xmas day :o( hopefully it will go by quickly and you'll be able to spread cheer to others.


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