the {kids} of Christmas past.

{Christmas circa '91? I'm in the front in the dark green dress.}

Yes, yes. It's true. I'm sitting at work on Christmas Day. I have six hours left of my shift and have only talked to maybe three people. I know that I threw myself a pity party a couple days ago, but I've since realized that I didn't have to.

Last night, I attended the Christmas Eve service at my church and didn't even think about how I had to work, couldn't be with my family for a large part of the day, wasn't able to open presents with Chad's family...etc.

Instead I thought about the message that the children sang about. I thought about being surrounded by fellow Christians as I loudly sang out praises. I thought about the prayers that were spoken by our pastor. I thought about the words of "Silent Night" as I was gazing at the giant Christmas tree at the altar. I was in the moment.

So this Christmas {and beyond}, I'm striving to live in the moments instead of thinking about what moments I am missing.

P.S. Do you love my grandparents decor {the sixties fabric and the wood paneling}?


Johanna said...

isn't it amazing how the older we get Christmas takes on so much more of a spiritual meaning? we went to church last night and i never felt more connected, thankful and sure of my beliefs.
merry christmas, i hope you work shift goes quickly and that you can get back to you family soon!

Laura said...

love. it.

oh, for the big fat headbands of yesteryear.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

My favorite part of Christmas Eve service is singing Silent Night by candle light. It always makes things perfect.


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