{how i met your mother.}

As I write this, I've got the first season of How I Met Your Mother spinning away in the DVD player. I've gotta say, this show has been on the air since 2005, and I'm wondering how did I miss this little gem?

It has been {in the words of Barney}: "legendary!" I didn't think I could find another sitcom that would be top-notch. Many thanks to big sis for suggesting it!

Marshall is, by far, my favorite. Does anyone else have a crush on Jason Segel?


Dallas Shaw said...

great show. I bumped into jason segel in bath england!

Katerina @ GirlWithARing said...

This is my absolute favorite TV show of all time. Working my way through season 2 right now. Marshall is my favorite as well. Glad you discovered the show!

Yelena R. said...

Love this show! Watched it from the beginning, but stopped watching for a season. I recently started watching this show and remembered how awesome it is!


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