Christmas Finds: Volume II

The next person that I'm going to feature is my brother Kyle.

When I think of Kyle, these are the words I would use to describe him:
{collector. gadget lover. movies. Eric Clapton. Minnesota Vikings. organization. bachelor pad. funny.}

Do you have someone like that on your list this year? Here's what I found:

Kyle likes drinking beer {especially with his brother(s)-in-law} so he'd like these vintage beer steins. Plus, it's a collection of something, which also tickles Ky's fancy.

Kyle loves baseball, so this vintage Lemon baseball would fit nicely in his apartment.

Like I said, Kyle likes movies+complete sets of things, so these box sets from Amazon would give Kyle the satisfaction of knowing that he's that much closer to owning all the movies he wants.
{1. The Rocky Balboa Set 2. Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection}

My family lived in Minnesota the first 13+ years of my life and during that time, Kyle became a Vikings fan.. Since we now live in Wisconsin, he's got to defend his "Purple Pride" to all the Packers fans that live here.

Kyle is the mr. gadget guy at our house. You name it, he either owns it, or he would like to own it. He already has a gadget like this, but I think he wouldn't turn down this new model.

Kyle's coming home from Iraq in two weeks {where the average temperature is in the 50s for December}, so it would be nice for him to have a new
wool coat waiting for him when he came back.


Kristin said...

Woop woop for your bro's homecoming! And I think that coat is gorg. Looking into it for the hubs!

kyle said...

Sis, you know me too well. See you real soon.


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