Christmas Finds: Volume One

Over the past week, I've been getting packages in the mail. Am so excited that these are coming in since they are mostly Christmas gifts. Now, I can't show you what I got for my friends and family {since most of them read my blog and I want to keep it a surprise}, but I will feature things I didn't get them, just in case you have people in your life, who are like the people in mine.

Up first:

My older sister Laura.

the new mom, housewife, list maker, baker, cooker, extreme organizer, and TV watcher on your list. A person like her would like:
She loves baking, so this Betty Crocker's Classics Recipe Cards Box would definitely be put to good use. {And her husband would be most appreciative.}

I know that she'd feel a sense of accomplishment when sticking to-do list to the bulletin board with these musical push pins.

Little UJ is now wearing cloth diapers, so she needs a stylin' diaper "clutch".

Her purse wouldn't be complete with out this "musical" zipper pouch. She could put anything in this: makeup, diaper bag supplies, coupons, etc. {Can you sense a theme here? I addition to all her amazing qualities...she's a big music lover.}

All day this lady is busy. Doing laundry, the dishes, the baby loving would be so much better in this lace tee.

In addition to all the things she gets done in the day, she likes cooking meals for her boys. If you've ever read her blog, you'll know that she is a big fan of the kitchen. She'd definitely appreciate this green embroidered half apron.

Stay tuned for other friends and family members to be featured!
Hopefully through this, you can find that "aha" gift you've been searching for!


Dana said...

OoooO...I own that Betty Crocker recipe box. It's beautiful, but I'm craving the matching cookbook that's designed to look like Betty's Original, but has updated recipes!

Erin said...

That apron is adorable. If I had it, I'd be baking gingerbread men right this second!

Laura said...

Are you SURE you're not getting me any of these things? I love them all!

And Dana, I have the matching cookbook. Got it from my mom (right, Mom?). Love it!


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