past and future

This weekend was such a whirlwind of looking into the past and getting ready for the future. I'll tell you what I mean:

the past:
-Friday night included Brandon and Lee, two of Chad's friends from his childhood. Chad hadn't seen Brandon for ages and they spent the whole night reminiscing about birthday parties, silly stories, tandem bikes, and bowl haircuts. {Chad was the definition of 'bowl haircut' when he was in middle school. If he allows it; I'll show you proof.}

-dug through boxes and files containing pictures of Chad for our wedding slide show. This task including cutting into my soon to be mother-in-law's picture frame and basically ruining it {cringe}. Must get her a new one for Christmas.

-received my baby blankets and quilt made by my grandmothers on Sunday. I was given them since I'm moving out in a little over 7 months. {I will post pictures of these beauties at a later date.}

the future:
-Sunday afternoon was filled with going to a local bridal fair and eating more cake than I care to admit. I went with younger sister, Hannah and my mom and we spent the afternoon filling out giveaway sheets and sweating through our coats squeezed into a building with probably 500+ brides and MOBs. I did find some cake vendors and entered some really cool giveaways, so it wasn't an epic fail.

-spent Friday afternoon packin' up some of the old school supplies that I know I won't need for the next 7 months. {I will not freak out, I will not freak out...}

-ordered L's bridesmaids dress for her to try on...fingers crossed that this is the one everyone likes.

That was my weekend-a wave of nostalgia as well as little flutters of anticipation for the future.

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ALFIE said...

amanda- i love this space you've created!

it sounds like your weekend was so full of excitement! what a fantastic place to be in life! i am seriously jazzed for you :)

thanks for your kind words on my blog. i will definately be back to visit yours often!


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