embrace the girly-ness

Joanna, of A Cup of Jo fame recently posted a question on Smitten, the relationship blog on glamour.com, about what makes women feel feminine.
I thought I'd add a few to the list:

01. smooth legs {it's the actually making them smooth part that I don't care for}
02. wearing a dress {even though I don't do this often, I still very much enjoy the feeling of having a dress on}
03. curling my har {again-don't like the process; love the result}
04. perfume {like the one I currently have on}
05. my relatively long hair {I'm growing my hair out for the wedding and I haven't had hair this long since kindergarten, but I am finding that I like it more than my short hair days}
06. my makeup brushes that were a Godsend
07. glossy lips
08. sweet pea and violet body wash {courtesy of Suave}
09. a manicure {only have ever had one thanks to my sister, but I've never felt more girly}
10. girly movies {Ever After, Never Been Kissed, Pride and Prejudice...to name a few}

What makes you feel feminine?
Here are some feminine photographs for your Saturday afternoon:

All found courtesy of etsy.com: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


bethany said...

Definitely, definitely freshly shaved legs and perfume. Those are the two things that can always make me feel a little feminine.

Love these photos you found. So soft and flirty. :)

Christine said...

Yes, dresses! And curling my hair. Mascara. Actually, just getting fancied up in general makes me feel girly!

swell.life said...

what a great post! hmm... i definitely second the curls, mascara, and dresses.

i would add
painted toe nails
my signature pearl earrings
my fetish with tea cups
and linen stash.

for all of the hard work, being a girl is actually pretty fun, don't you think?


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