I don't know if it's the wave of nostalgia that hit me this weekend, or the fact that I've spent 2 months with children at my preschool, but lately I've been thinking about my childhood. I had an incredibly simple childhood and during the winter months I was either playing with Barbies or reading books that I got from the library when my family took a weekly trip there. One of my favorite books to read as a child, was The Little House. I read it today to my class of 15 four-year-olds and it's very rare that they all sit quietly and pay attention to a story {which is what happened today, much to my glee}.

Not only do these children enjoy reading the books that I bring in, they love talking about and acting out movies. The most popular one to act out right now is "Cars". Watching them decide who was going to be Lightning McQueen or Mater, made me think about the recent craze of making childhood books into movies {the most recent one being Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs}.

Another favorite book in my classroom is Where the Wild Things Are due in theaters next Friday. {view trailer here} Are you excited to see this classic book on the big screen?

Speaking of childhood favorites, I do have another question to ask the blogging world. Over the past year, I've been slowly building up my personal library of children books for when I have my own classroom. When you were a child, what were your favorite books to read {between the ages to three and six}?


Anonymous said...

My mom read my brother and I the Little House series when I was little. It was a great memory. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Laura said...

L.O.V.E. "The Little House" and the accompanying cartoon. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

ALFIE said...

love this post!

when i worked at a daycare through nursing school, the kids would always get stuck on a movie for a few weeks. i can thank them for the fact that i know EVERY SINGLE word in Toy Story :)

super excited for Where the Wild Things Are.

as for favorite books...i was much in love with classic winnie-the-pooh, clifford and a little vintage book at my grandma's house about a puppy.


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