School is a-comin'

Fall begins for me on Monday. It's the beginning of the fall semester (you know I'm in college when I say 'semester' instead of 'year') and it's the last year that I will be at the school that I'm currently at. That's right folks, this May I'm graduating. But not really. I'm graduating with a two-year degree in early childhood education, but I'm still going to school at a 4-year college in order to get my teaching degree. The start of school for me is the start of-
*writing in my planner (that fits nicely in every purse I have)
*teaching at a day-care center in the area
*working a regular achedule (finally)
*wearing long-sleeves (I do lots of layering when I'm in school
*drinking coffee (I find myself drinking more coffee when school starts-maybe I just feel that it's what I'm supposed to do since I'm a college student)

And don't you forget it.

(p.s. the mug is made from 100% biodegradable corn plastic-shout out to planet earth!)


amanda said...

reading is sexy. i want that mug. badlyyyy!

Kristin said...

Ohhhhhh, that is so freaking cute!


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