(This week, I hope to show you some things that put an extra spring in my step. I will let you in on a few pleasures in my life...I give you):

The Week of Simple Loves

*Monday Love* Flats

Have I ever truly expressed my love of flats on here? I adore them. Give me a comfy flat over a 3" heel any day. I think that I will always have a deep affection for these shoes in my heart, especially since they: are comfortable enough to wear during long hours at my job, don't leave me begging Chad to give my feet a rub after I wear them (I never really have to beg, it's more of a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch my back" kind of exchange), and are the perfect accessory to any outfit in my closet whether it be my favorite Old Navy perfect tee and jeans or my little black dress (this dress is not my LBD, but it is similar to the one that I have hanging up in my closet). Here's why I love them and have come to the conclusion that flats are the greatest shoes in the world-

You can get every color of the rainbow:red (patent, even), orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

And, you can also find flats in neutrals: nude, dark brown, black and gray (both from dear golden vintage).

And, if you're having a wedding on May 15th and your colors are pink and orange, you could wear bright pink flats.


Laura said...

Not to mention, heels would make you waaaaaaay taller than Chad.

amanda said...

flats always look silly on my feet.

but that first pair is just divine!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I think flats are cute, just not on me :(

Anonymous said...

ooo funny...i guess i always adore high heels...flats make my legs look short =(


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