during the week

Have you ever taken a vacation during the week? I highly recommend it if you haven't. Two weeks ago, I along with my friends Shannon and Danielle, I went on a Wednesday afternoon and visited our friend Jenny. She's getting married in a little over two weeks and we all wanted one last girl sleepover before her wedding. It was so wonderful to eat Jenny's yummy peanut butter chicken stir fry, catching up and talking about weddings and marriage, spending the day at Elkhart Lake, and just simply being a girl and talking to some of my closest friends. You know you missed a great time when you look at these pictures I snapped:

Shannon, I can give you a copy of the last picture if you want:)

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Amanda dear, it's not me that needs a copy, it's Jenny! After all, we know how she feels about beer and tacky, distasteful signs ;)


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