5.15: what we know..

Here's a {rather} short run-down of what we already know about our wedding:
Where: Our church starting at 3 pm
Color scheme: Dark {gunmetal} gray, pink and orange.
This is almost exactly what I'm thinking.
Dress: Found! and ordered {today!} I will not be posting the dress, because Chad reads this blog, but if you are interested you can email me or you can see it if you come over four months from now (that's how long it takes-can you believe it?)
Guest list: Done
Favors: Both of our mom's make really tasty canned goods {his-salsa, mine-strawberry jam} so then both are fine with adding a few extra hundred jars to their normal canning time. I would like to find some pink and orange fabric and do what the couple did in the picture below:

Flowers: Gerber daises. Nice big fat ones. Like these-

Wedding website: Done. We have a Knot website {go to the homepage and type in my name to see the website in the *find a couple's wedding web page box} Apparently, over 70 viewed our wedding website before we even realized that we had one. If you were one of those people, I'm sorry and it's up and running now!
Reception venue: Booked! We have a meeting with them on Wednesday to sign the contract. We are both so relieved that we got the place we wanted.

Well that's all for right now. There are a couple major things that we will be tackling with in the next couple days, so stay tuned:)

{sources: 1/2/3}

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Andrea said...

that's where TJ and I had our reception! It's very lovely, and I'm sure you will do a good job decorating it! Have fun!


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