See how things are made.

Ever since I was a little kid I remember watching the 'how-things-are-made' type clips and being utterly fascinated with the whole concept. While I myself could never work in a factory, I do like watching products being made. I really would love to take my kindergarten class to factories so that they can experience the wonder like I did when I was their age.

When I started this post, I wanted to include some of my favorite Youtube clips about factories and making items. I realized when doing research that this was too daunting of a task since, when typing in 'shows' and 'factories' there were about 70+ clips (I watched about half). Some of the most interesting products were-butter, bubble gum, toilet paper, erasers, toothpicks, highlighters, potato chips, and cheese.

When I was watching shows like 'Sesame Street' I loved to sit back and love it. Now that I'm older, thankfully, television networks have heard my five-year-old plea for more. The two shows that I've found are "How it's Made" and "Unwrapped". I'm open to suggestions for more factory-type shows:)


Laura said...

I always loved that crayon clip when I was kid! That brought me right back...the little girl looking at the tip of the crayon...love it!

Forever49 said...

I remember watching "Mr. Roger's" with Hannah to see how peanut butter was made.


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