Movie Review: Made of Honor and Bride Wars

Wow. Over the past few months, I've watched two wedding movies. And, let me just tell you-they weren't that great.

I do believe that Made of Honor takes the honor (no pun intended) away from My Super Ex-Girlfriend as being the Worst Movie of All Time (and by all time, I mean the ones that I've seen). Let me just tell you that according to IMDB the Spanish translates into "I want to steal the bride". Yeah, what does that tell you.

These people definitely seem to agree with me. I do have to say that I don't think that it's exactly like My Best Friend's Wedding. That movie stars Julia as the lovely leading lady and happens to be one of my favorite chick flicks. This storyline would absolutely never happen. The bride meets the groom in Scotland and he's a lord or duke or something and she is going to marry him two weeks after meeting him. Pat Demp decides that he's in love with his best friend and in the end he rushes to the chapel (in Scotland, of course) and breaks up the wedding and the two of them end up getting married. And, the drunk grandma like thunder beads-I'm not even sure what those are.

Sorry about spoiling the ending...but I'm not sorry because I just saved you.

(puh-leeze-like any self-respecting man would ever assemble bridal shower baskets. All the guys I know don't even know what goes on at a bridal shower.)

The next one is Bride Wars which is also an attempt to create an unrealistic story line centered on two best friends who end up getting their receptions planned on the same day which of course they can't work through and are then mortal enemies. Bride Wars is a total chick flick and one of those movies that would never happen, but I did like Hathaway's wardrobe. This review sums up everything I ever wanted to say about this movie. Let's just look at some of the stills:

(Hathaway is so pretty in this picture-I love her hair aka my dream hair.)

(Too much poof-she looks like a snow globe.)

(I did like this scene, it was a very sweet proposal.)

(This is so unrealistic-absolutely no single woman over 20 would ever partake in the humiliating experience of catching the bouquet.)

*What are your best or worst wedding movies?


bethany said...

Ohmygosh. Someone else loathes My Super Ex-Girlfriend as much as I did? EW. Such a horrible movie.

I loved Bride Wars. And it's totally okay if you don't want to be my friend anymore :) I know, I know. It was so sugary, disgustingly sweet and unreal...but it gave me warm fuzzies.

Ditto to your thoughts about Made of Honor. Barf.

brand.new.housewife said...

I've seen both of these in the past few months, too. Can't say that either one of them topped my list.

GOOD wedding movies:
*My Best Friend's Wedding (of course)
*Sweet Home Alabama (not technically a wedding movie, but she is getting married, so...)
*Father of the Bride (of course)
*Runaway Bride (duh)
*The Wedding Singer (duh)
*Four Weddings and a Funeral

OK wedding movies:
*27 Dresses (totally predictable, but I love James Marsden)
*My Big Fat Greek Wedding
*Mamma Mia!

BAD wedding movies:
*The Wedding Date (although Dermot Mulroney is gorgeous)
*The Wedding Planner (yeah...I used to like it...but J-Lo and Matthew McConaughey have NO chemistry)
*Wedding Crashers (I almost left the theater)
*The Bachelor


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