reminiscing day

I have had this in my files for quite a while wondering what I was going to do with it. I was considering a Mother's Day gift idea, but was just feeling uninspired. (And apparently today is the day that I think back to my past and dig up and share with all of you.)

Then I noticed that it was lyrics to the song 'Scarborough Fair' by none other than Simon and Garfunkel. I have probably heard this song hundreds of times since my mother has let S&G become one of the main soundtracks to my life. They were the accompaniment to ice-skating sessions on the living room carpet (L-was it them, or just Barbara Streisand?). They relaxed everyone when playing dominoes late into the night. My mom had (and still has somewhere) a tape of S&G that would always be my answer when she asked what I wanted to listen to. She'd play in when doing puzzles on rainy days, getting presents wrapped on our dining room table, or simply just cleaning the house. And I would be perfectly content lying on our living room rug with my head right next to the player listening to song after song.

So mom, thanks for loving Paul and Art. That love has spread to me.

{Are there any bands or artists that your parents would play that make you think fondly back to your childhood?}

*the two musical geniuses


Laura said...

Oh, it was definitely Simon & Garfunkel, too! That and ABBA...although I don't know if there was very much "ice skating" along with that.

Whatever happened to all of those ice skating specials that used to be on TV, anyway?

Forever49 said...

you're welcome


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