Simple Weekend: Parties and Squires (Part 1)

This past weekend was so filled I have to start on Thursday! Let's do a little rundown~

Thursday was filled with work and then going to Dooley's Pub for the second time in a week. Jane, Chad's mom, wanted to have her birthday celebration there just like my mom did (even though neither of them knew that the other had their birthday dinner there). We got there and had a lovely meal (same table as Sunday, different dinners).

{The lovely Hestekin family-Chad, Jane, Sara, and Steve}

Friday started with setting up our church fellowship hall for Laura's baby shower. I was very happy to be able to talk to my best friend in the entire world, Rachel. She is so wonderful and I haven't talked to her in over three months. It was so nice to catch up and tell her all about what's been going on.
Then we finished a few minor details of party planning and went to ILC to watch Hannah's basketball game. Laura and Eli arrived for Hannah's game then after we ate pizza and watched more basketball:)

{My cousin's son Samuel; he's getting so big!}


I'll break down the rest of the weekend when I get more pictures...

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