Simple Weekend: JLF&Spaghetti

After the Art Crawl, Chad and I thought it would be a good idea to visit Just Local Food. It is a grocery store that carries-obviously only, locally grown food. Chad had been wanting to go there for a while, so we stopped by. It was so lovely in there; the worker offered to give us help and apple-cinnamon bacon samples (yummy!) We didn't buy anything that day but ideally, we would like to make dinner several times a week and buy all the ingredients from this store. We both feel strongly about supporting local businesses and Eau Claire is making it easier and easier for us to do that.

(Some of their fresh foods displaying so lovely)

After the JLF field trip, we decided to make some lunch. Chad really wanted to make the sauce and include some meatballs.(See below)

(So tasty!) The only thing that we want to improve on with that meal is the meatballs. We added some spices, but couldn't figure out what was missing. We thought about adding bread crumbs, or an egg, or maybe some cornflakes. Does anyone put anything in meatballs to make them out of this world?

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Chad said...

mmm.. pleasant store. good food.


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